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Result of the Election of Alumni Manager for Nomination to the Incorporated Management Committee ("IMC") of the School (2023-2025)

The nomination period for the election of Alumni Manager to the Incorporated Management Committee of St Paul’s School (Lam Tin) was closed on 5 May 2023. Only one nomination from Ms Rebecca Chiu ( 趙凱珊 ) has been received.


In accordance with paragraph 9 of the Rules and Procedures for the Election of IMC Alumni Manager which states that “if the number of candidates equal to or less than the number of vacancies, the candidates will be automatically elected”, I hereby announce that Ms Rebecca Chiu ( 趙凱珊 ) is automatically elected and no polling is required. The Alumni Association will nominate her to the IMC to act as Alumni Manager for 2023-2025.


Ms CHIU graduated in 1995. She has been the legal advisor of Alumni Association and Charitable Trust since 2018 and the Trustee since 2022. A copy of her biography is attached for your information.


Dated: 12 May 2023


Janice Yung, Returning Officer

St Paul’s School (Lam Tin) Alumni Association

2023-2025 Alumni Manager Election

Attachment: (biography pdf)

趙凱珊 CHIU HOI SHAN (校董參選政綱) (8.5.2023) 2
Download PDF • 1.51MB

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