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The Alumni Association was set up in October 1993 with the initiation of our former principal Mother Pauline Wong and the enthusiastic support of some founder members. Since its establishment, the Alumni Association has been working persistently towards its aim: acting as a link between students and their alma mater, as well as promoting fellowship among past students.

To further support our Mother School in the promotion of quality education and to follow the motto “All Things To All People”, St. Paul’s (Lam Tin) Charitable Trust was set up in September 1999.

The success of the Alumni Association depends very much on the support and participation of its members. It is hoped that the information provided in this website will facilitate a better understanding about the work of the Alumni Association, thus making it more dynamic and prosperous.

2022-2024 Committee

Honorary President- 
President - 
Vice President (External) - 
Vice President (Internal) - 
Secretary - 
Treasurer - 
Project Officers -  
Publication Officer - 
Fellowship Officer - 
IT Officer - 

Tammy Tam
Rosa Lee
Janet Lee
Emma Poon
Carmen Chiu
Grace Chan
Teresa Ho, Amy So, Janice Yung 
Sandy Leung, Amanda Cheung, Florence Tse
Ada Chan, Eunice Chan
Christine Chan, Cecilia Chan

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